Become a better photographer


For whom?

For every active enthusiast of photography who dreams about their pictures looking even better. No matter if you’ve just started your journey with photography or you feel that your photos are lacking „something” – we will help you to break the barrier.


Simply fanstastic photos!
This is what this workshop is for. You are going to gain more confidence during practical sessions, get closer to a stunning effect and, at the end of a day, to raise your level.


Neither technique nor imagination should be the limit for you!
Therefore, the aim of the workshop is to master the fundamental techniques. We will focus on a specific technique and on a single picture so that you get a new weapon in your photographic arsenal.
Sometimes less is more, sometimes less … it’s just less. We’ll explain why and how it works in practice.


During two days of intense classes, we will teach you useful techniques and how to use them in real life.

DAY 1. – Basics 

1. Basics. How to start taking pictures: aperture, exposure, ISO.
2. Get to know your camera – what means what in this huge world..?
3. Image quality: formats of pictures, resolution, RAW vs. JPG
4. Framing: how to use the viewfinder, electronic viewfinder, LCD, what are the dvantages/disadvantages
5. Depth of field. What is it and how to use it in order to get the desirable effects
6. Focusing. The rules of autofocus and how to increase the rate of sharp pictures
7. White balance – does the tone of color really matter…?
8. Composition – what makes a good photo? How to distribute the strong points in the frame?


DAY 2. – How to tell a story

1. Introduction to storytelling. How to build a story with simple photos?
2. General shot & the landscape photography
3. Portrait. How to overcome fear of people & what makes a good portrait
4. Architecture / food. How to photograph something that we’ve seen a hundred of times. Power of details!
5. Let’s edit a story. We will try to build a story out of the pictures you’ve shot till now. We will select 6-7 pictures that fully describe the photographed topic.


Workshop will lead by Jagoda Lasota, born 1989, has been interested in photography since always and with everything. She has participated in a number of masterclasses, workshops and courses in photojournalism (at World Press Photo Organization, London University of Arts, Tomasz Tomaszewski), fashion (Instituto Europeo di Design) and fine arts photography (MFF Kwadrat). Co-organizer and main photographer of ‚Sladami Marzen’ Travel Festival. She particularly admires photojournalism, documentary photography and all the photography that makes the difference.
Trained as a biotechnologist, works as a full-time graphic designer in a Swiss bank.

Place: Wroclaw, Świdnicka 8b, „Barbara”

Time: 22-23.09.2018

Cost: 550 zł

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